Negotiate your child parenting time, also known as visitation.  Avoid going through the Family Court System or the Child Support system.  If you are about to have a child or have children and need to come to an agreement regarding parenting time/visitation, then this is the service for you.  


This negotiation service will assist you in working with the other parent to create a positive customized plan of agreement. This is not and does not include mediation or arbitration but rather a service that provides a process that establishes a customized parenting time plan with the other parent peacefully.  This is a process that is carried out by the parents without a 3rd party.


Avoid any future conflict and potential of going through the state court system and giving a Judge  and courts all authority on determining what is best for your child.  This service is for you if:

  • You and the other parent are on decent speaking terms;
  • You want to make decisions for your child(ren) without force or threat of imprisonment;
  • You want to establish a positive co-parenting experience with the parent now and in the future;
  • You want to establish adequate for your child(ren);
  • You would like to handle working out/negotiating the agreement amongst yourselves as parents;
  • You are open to resources and a support of a family court expert who has experience in supporting families establishing a positive quality time environment for the present and the future;
  • You are interested in saving money and avoiding costly court and attorney fees just to establish time with your child.

If you answered yes to all of these then this is the service for you.  Buy Today!


This Service Includes:

  1. (1) Consultation (60 min)
  2. Customized Parenting Time/Visitation Agreement and Instructions
  3. Family and Single Parent Resources


**If you are not on speaking terms with the other parent then Mediation or Arbitration, may be a better service for you!**

Parenting Time/Visitation Negotiation Service



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