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Everyone Is Not Meant To Fight It Out in Family Court...

The main reason I do what I do is because I understand the emotions of divorce and child custody, the difficulty in parenting in conflict, and the many shortcomings that exist in Family Court. Family Court was never established to handle the deep emotional issues of people breaking up, or dare I say even determinations of best interest of a child. The pain that exists in going through the Family Court process, leads many to do unthinkable things. Many come to unthinkable actions when they are positioned in a system that feeds unthinkable thoughts. The issue is how the Family Court system handles judgments and decisions. For example, in a heartless recital they inform a parent that they no longer have access to their child, or they punish a protective parent for self-representing themselves by removing their parental rights. Even worst the courts and its legal actors will see that a parent has issues and instead of getting that parent assistance or protection for the other parent, they ignore clear signs of unstable behaviors. In them ignoring behaviors they leave a protective parent open to tragedy.

All over the world, parents are experiencing tragedies from going through the process of Family Court. In losing their children, in losing their lives, in losing their freedom, and fighting false imprisonment and/or allegations. Many parents can not handle such heartache. I will tell you that you do not want to get caught up in this system for everyone can not handle the fight. Parents are forced to go to hearings just to "fight it out" for years, but again everyone can not handle such a fight.

People need assistance in certain decisions that are made in Family Court and certain protective parents need protection after decisions are made that is the reality. If you are able to avoid the pits of Family Court, then consider alternate dispute resolutions. But if you can not avoid litigation within Family Court then be prepared, be educated, and be ready for hearings and obtain counsel that cares for your well-being. Also be aware and utilize your resources and know that you are never alone, we are here for you! Contact us anytime: !

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