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Divorce and Child Custody Cases are a For-Profit Business!

Divorce and dealing with child custody is an emotional rollercoaster that can weigh heavily on the shoulders of any human. The initial thought many times of someone who is experiencing such turmoil is that the people and systems that exist are here to support you. This ideal is far from the truth. The system and its actors are in business. The courts have quotas and lawyers have bills and in handling your case determine the value and the time its worth in handling your issues. You should never forget this and it should be at the forefront of your mind in order to protect yourself and your sanity. You should think about your case in this manner, "if my case is a business how will I run it to be successful?" If your case is a business you will manage it well to be successful. This includes knowing where your money is going and how it is being applied. When you are stressed and hurt you do not feel like dealing with anything sometimes you will allow others to handle your business. I am relaying to you that you have to find the strength to manage your case or you could get taken advantage and lose so much money. One way is to mediate your conflict! Schedule a mediation today!

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