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Family Court Systems are Troubled: New York Senate Hearings

If you ever wanted to understand the potential of how Family Court has the power of life changing impact on families, please check out the Joint Public Hearing and hear the Parents who were forced in year long battles of custody fights, child support issues dealing with the courts and unjustified child removals. This hearing went 7 hours long. What is unique about New York is they attempt to provide legal representation to its Family Court systems, and yet they are extreme problems that still replicate what is going in the rest of the country.

Here are a few examples of the parents who are in Family Courts. This hearing does reference the Welfare system because Family Court manages the welfare system and this is not just New York, this is every state of the US. You may be going to court for divorce, child custody or child support only to end up in the clutches of the welfare system where Family Court monitors.

Here are example of a Parent in the clutches of Family Court:You can hear here (22:58-30:05); (52:58 - 54:57); It does not have to be this way. Here are a few examples of the professionals who witness the atrocities and make rulings on cases who defend what occurs: hear at (36:26-42:00); (55:56-56:04); (1:03:27 - 1:04:58); (1:47:50 - 1:56:10) (4:10:47 - 4:50:40); If you are unable to see anything please hear the timestamps that gives insight to what is happening within systems: (1:57:45-2:05:25) (4:10:47 - 4:50:40).

I assist families and communities dealing with Family Court all over the nation and what is disheartening is how the stories are startling and similar. The processes and actions of courts are similar. Even though there is warnings about the issues of Family Court and its shortcomings, the warnings have not been enough. You do not realize until you go through the process the hill you may have to climb and everyone's hill is different, but if you go through the system in conflict the potential of that hill becoming a mountain is real.

Parents unassumingly enter a system uneducated with many times an attorney right by their side. The goal should be to stay out of the system, but the more conflict that is present there is the assumption the more the system should be used and that is not the case. Educate yourself, get assistance and help. This is why we offer an Ombudsman session. It does not mean you won't go through issues but you will more prepared to handle and address the issues in a broken system.

My goal is to assist families and communities to avoid the atrocities that many of these Parents have experienced. You do not have to have the same experience. Check us out and let us assist you!

As always, be blessed and stay informed!

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