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The Tragedies & Failures of Family Court: Catherine Kassenoff

I want you to meet Catherine Kassenoff. She was a mother, attorney, and former wife to Attorney Allan Kassenoff. Catherine, an attorney, endured dire abuse and atrocities in Family Court. The ultimate undeserved punishment was taking away her children without any legal or viable reasoning or conducting an appropriate evidentiary hearing or trial. This happened because Family Court is a Court of Discretion. It does not have to follow protocols and it does not have oversight. Check out Catherine's tragic story.

Family Court is about money. Not about children, families, safety or well-being of anyone. It is structured to focus on the benefit of the Court and its actors. Family Court actors (Judges, Attorneys, Guardian Ad Litems, Custody Evaluators...) are pivotal in increasing conflicting in the families. Catherine was an attorney and knew of the atrocities of family court but fought. She was an advocate and revealed the wrongs that occurred. Catherine was a beautiful soul and we pray that her children know that her mother fought for them.

There is nothing that can be done now with this immediate case of Catherine. This is what can happen within the system. This is why Family Court Ombudsman works to support people to avoid and/or get out of this system. For those who are stuck fighting within this system there is a why to fight with the goal of getting out, avoiding the focus on the win but rather what will be beneficial to your life. No one "wins" in Family Court. It's rather a range of benefits to detriment for your life and your children's life. Focus on the benefit of your life and your children's life and do not get sucked in to this system that struggles to value the lives that they are entrusted with and oversee.

I wish we could have met Catherine before she let go. Going through cancer and losing access to the only reason why you may wake up in the morning gives no hope. We would have been hope when it looked like there was no hope. We have seen so many cases where parents have lost custody due to false accusations and allegations, hold on because it won't always be like this. Contact us please if you need support.

As always be blessed and we are here for you!

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