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There are Court systems that have shown themselves to be untrustworthy.

This webinar is for protective mothers who need support tools and strategies who are fighting in unjust court systems.

If anyone understands the struggles of Family Court, it is me. Family Court alone is difficult, but when the system struggles with bias, sexism, racism, greed, deprivation of rights, and a failure in fulfilling duties of justice then the reality is demoralizing. I endured personally over 14 years in such a system. The Court's actors used my pain to benefit financially from my family. The Courts used the conflict and abuse of my situation for their interest, and it really all came down to money. Decisions were not for the best interest of my children; ruled actions were not for their safety and concern; rulings were not to cease the conflict and emotional toil that our family endured; and definitely not to alleviate or protect our lives. I realized that I must educate myself and invest in getting out of that system in order to save my children and protect my life.

Over the course of the years since establishing Family Court Ombudsman website, we have noticed statistically (data) the atrocities that increased within Family Court systems. Protective parents in Family Courts are being gravely mistreated and handled in such a degrading way. Even though this is affecting protective mothers and fathers, we are seeing an astronomical amount of protective Mothers who are being gravely affected, which in turn has affected the children. Inadequate rulings are thrusting children in abusive and unsafe homes, which cause an uptick in 911 phone calls and open CPS cases. Due to the overwhelming amount of atrocities that are happening against Mothers this webinar was created.

This webinar is structured to help protective Mothers get out of these systems. Here are a few but influential benefits in attending this webinar:

Webinar Benefit #1 - Resources & Tools

This webinar is structured so that resources and tools can be shared and utilized to assist in Family Court case movement. This webinar will assist protective Mothers in networking and thinking outside of the box when it comes to obtaining support while in Family Court systems. These resources and tools are provided in a foundation of strategy information. If you know that a system struggles in areas of justice, you do not enter the system blindly but rather in strategy to avoid pain pitfalls. It is not about possessing the information but rather how resources and tools are applied strategically within your court and within your case.

Webinar Benefit #2 - Combat vs. Closing the Case

A mother in a yard smiling and playing with her baby and toddler
Mother holding her 2 kids

This webinar will assist Mothers in identifying if they are in a season or space of combat because they are angry with what was done to them and their children, or are they focused on getting out of the Court with the best possible results. I have been there were you are so angry at what they have done and are doing that holding out/fighting seems to be the right thing to do until you hear or see that your child just wants access to the loving you. I had to self-evaluate and reflect what is best for my life. This webinar will explore and identify if you are in combat pilot mode rather than obtaining resolutions that are centered on "best for my life" movement. This concept and understanding is a struggle for a lot of protective Mothers because they have been so hurt. We explore such discussions and will conduct those conversations.

"Mom, I just need to hear your voice. I don't understand what is going on, I just need to hear your voice." – Written Message from a 10 yr old girl taken from Mom

Webinar Benefit #3 - The Power of Your Agreements

A mother and her son are over the kitchen stove cooking a meal
Family Cooking in the Kitchen

In unjust Family Courts, there are actions by court actors many times that will try to force protective parents into agreeing to things that will ultimately cause and continue conflict. It is vital for protective parents to be aware of their rights and what is considered an agreement in Family Court. Sometime the way things are framed, or the way they are presented feels like a protective parent must sign or agree to or else they will be punished. They do not understand the power of agreements and the power of disagreeing. Know and understand your rights and get the information to assist you in preserving those rights in a court that has complete discretionary power.

Join Me

This webinar will help any mother going through an unjust Family Court process. If you are Mother, I invite you to come and/or if you know someone who needs support, please encourage or donate for them to be apart of something that can give them deeper insight and tools to handle their cases.

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