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Dear Elizabeth: My husband and I decided to stop our divorce and start over but I am afraid?

DEAR ELIZABETH: My husband and I were literally a few weeks before trial and then we decided not to proceed. We let go of our attorneys after spending over $60,000 and decided to go to marriage counseling and attempt to start over. We are both nervous and afraid about such a decision but we love each other. While at church, we asked the congregation to pray for us as we start over, and after service one of our members came and asked us if we had a reconciliation agreement. He stated that this agreement is what helped him and his wife get past a troubling times and a separation. He said it helped him set aside his concerns and fears in order to focus on rebuilding the relationship. Can you explain a reconciliation agreement?


DEAR START OVER WIFE: A "Reconciliation Agreement" is a great resource in attempting to start over. Technically this type of agreement can be used in various ways to reconcile marital differences and recognize the rights and obligations of each spouse in the event the reconciliation does not work out. This agreement puts in writing things that you are concerned about and builds the framework of trust.

Many couples who are separated for various complex issues utilize this agreement in working to move toward reconciliation. I believe that support systems such as counselors and therapist are important to this agreement process. If you are considering starting over in a marriage, a reconciliation agreement is a great resource to utilize. Contact me if you any additional questions, or interested in obtaining an agreement.

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