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Elizabeth Stewart-Williams, MDR

Family Court Ombudsman is a labor of love. I created this program because I witnessed families confused and misinformed representing themselves in the US Family Court systems.  I believe many conflicts can be resolved and settled cost-effectively and timely if given the legal resources and factual information.


Conflict is an opportunity for growth and it can be guided to revamp relationships. I have faith that the process of dispute resolution will provide a journey that if engaged can result in positive desired outcomes that can benefit overall generally. Your issues and concerns can be addressed and settled in a safe place.


Liz Evonne Dispute Resolution Services, LLC (LEDRS) is specifically here to serve the underserved communities and it begins with our Family Court Ombudsman program. Families and the community can resolve their disputes.

Welcome and know that we are here to help!




Personal Ombudsman

Provides confidential, independent, and impartiality.  Facilitating personal plans of actions that assist individuals, and family members in the resolution of conflicts or disputes.


This is an informative and educational process in which parents/families are assisted in navigating through the Family Court system.  Referrals and Resources are provided including optional paralegal services that assist in managing your personal cases.


You asked for it, and we heard you loud and clear! This 

Community is here! Get the assistance that you need for your Family conflicts.  'You do not have to navigate the Family Court System on your own.  We are here for you to point you in the right direction.

Support Group


“I did not know what to do.  I was served papers by my ex to come to court to change child custody.  I did not have money to pay thousands to an attorney and forced to represent myself.  A friend referred me to Family Court Ombudsman, and Elizabeth showed me what forms to complete and explained the process. I was able to mediate my case and thankful for her help. I saved thousands and my visits are better with my kids!

Highly Recommend Elizabeth!"

-W. Mobley (Parent)

“Family Court Ombudsman is amazing! I knew I needed an attorney but the last 2 I had did not help me.  She realized I did not understand the procedures and showed me what I was going through. Then her team helped me find an attorney that was more understanding. She even supported me at my hearings! Amazing! "

-Casey K (Survivor)