Dispute Resolution Services

Resolving Conflict & Providing Dispute Resolution

Specializing in High Conflict Matters and Resolving Disputes of all kind.  Conflict is about perspective - disputes can be resolved.


Elizabeth Stewart-Williams, MDR

I am a believer in the process of resolving conflict and the settlement of disputes.  Conflict is an opportunity for growth and it can be guided to revamp relationships. I have faith that the process of dispute resolution will provide a journey that if engaged can result in positive desired outcomes that can benefit overall generally. Your issues and concerns can be addressed and settled in a safe place. Liz Evonne Dispute Resolution Services, LLC (LEDRS) is specifically here to serve the underserved communities who are unable to afford legal representation in Family Court. Families and the community can resolve their disputes and we are here to help. Welcome to dispute resolution!


Dispute Resolution Services


Ombudsman Services

Provides independent and impartial services that assist individuals, businesses, and groups in the resolution of conflicts or disputes.


This is a voluntary, and confidential process in which a neutral Mediator assist parties in discussions of interests and issues.



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